Board of directors

Today the association is alive thanks to the dedication and commitment of its members! Alpaga Quebec will always need many volunteers, whether to join existing committees or to work on other projects that are important to you. Do you want to be part of a dynamic team? Contact the members of the board of directors, one address:

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Board of directors

Nathalie Poirier, President and Director |Québec Fleece Certification & Alpaca Products Committee

Chantal Gadbois, Vice-President and Director | Alpaca Industry Committee

Andrée-Anne Vézina, Treasurer and Director | Market Development Committee for Eco-Friendly Alpaca Meat

Nathalie Simard, Secretary

Nancy Bouchard, Administrator and Manager | Judging and Fleece Competition Committee

Janette Archambault, Administrator and Manager | Training Committee

Various committees are in place to organize activities and plan the future of alpaca in Quebec, for more information contact:

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The formation committee

Responsible : Janette Archambault

Accompanied by: Sonia Perron, Nathalie Simard, Sylvie Dumaresq

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The Show committee

Responsible : Nancy Bouchard

Accompanied by: Nathalie Poirier, Janette Archambault, Geneviève Dubé, Gérald Perron and Daniel Gagnon